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The Automa Forest is born

The Automa Forest is born
  • October 28, 2021
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The Automa Forest: together to save the future of the Planet

Small daily actions have a crucial influence on the future of the Earth!

Every day our Planet dies a little, and every day it shouts out its suffering through clear signals. In the last 20 years, extreme weather events, exacerbated by climate change, have tripled, causing half a million deaths worldwide.

The planet is demanding our attention and we at AUTOMA feel a responsibility to help. We want to do this through what may seem like a small action, but which marks an important beginning: our first big step towards contributing to a possible change.

The Automa Forest is born

Planting trees is a fundamental part of the solution to some of the most serious problems that our Planet is facing: pollution, species extinction, climate change, deforestation and poverty. Through our forest we want to help reduce CO₂ emissions, regenerate wildlife, support entire farming communities and raise awareness.

It is from this awareness that the AUTOMA Forest was born.

Together with Treedom, we have planted:

  • 60 trees in Ecuador
  • 55 trees in Kenya
  • 40 trees in Madagascar
  • 45 trees in Tanzania

The 200 trees that we chose to plant, and which were given as gifts to each participant at the Smart Grid Days 2021 event, absorb 61 350 kg of CO₂ from the atmosphere, an amount that would be enough to fill 320 trucks!

Who is Treedom

Treedom is the first web platform in the world that allows you to plant a tree at a distance and follow online the history of the project of which it is part.

Since its foundation in 2010 in Florence, more than 2 000 000 trees have been planted in Africa, Latin America, Asia and Italy. All the trees are planted directly by the local communities (there are now more than 100 000 farmers actively involved in the projects) and help produce environmental, social and economic benefits.

Each tree has an online page, is geolocated and photographed, and can be given as a gift by message or email. Thanks to these features, Treedom trees create a lasting bond between people and allow companies to act for the protection of the environment and the communities that inhabit it.

A promise for the future

“2030 is the year we will pass the point of no return to stop climate change and save the Earth. We will lose 65 million jobs and 700 000 people will die because of air pollution.” This disturbing, but realistic scenario, was drew up by The Global Commission on the Economy and Climate.

We at Automa have decided not to stand by and watch our Planet die. The creation of the AUTOMA forest with the planting of the first 200 trees was a first big step in trying to save our home. But we will not stop there. The promise we make to us and to you is to continue our commitment to a greener and healthier planet.

To learn more about the Automa forest, visit the dedicated page here.

If you too would like to take part in this reforestation project, please contact us at marketing@byautoma.com