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Smart Grid Days 2021: a great success!

Smart Grid Days 2021: a great success!
  • September 24, 2021
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Great success for Smart Grid Days 2021 by AUTOMA

It has been a very satisfactory edition of the Smart Grid Days 2021, which this year has reached its eighth edition. Despite the initial doubts about the possibility of organizing the event, considering the delicate moment that the whole world is facing because of the public health emergency, also this year AUTOMA has been able to confirm this very important event in the calendar of the operators of the sector.

The event was held in the beautiful setting of Monte Conero, in full compliance with health regulations. The three-day event was attended by over 200 people, including those who participated in person – over 80 people from all over Europe – and those who followed the event online. The significant participation of experts from all over the world provided an excellent opportunity to discuss the latest developments in the world of network and cathodic protection remote control and monitoring.

Network remote control and monitoring

The opening of the session was held by Walter Tarabelli, Sales Manager for the Italian market, who has been working with AUTOMA for over 32 years and who, during his long career, has had the opportunity to establish significant relationships with the major operators and the main sector bodies. The morning was then dedicated to the networks remote control and monitoring, with the valuable participation of the CIG (Italian Gas Committee) which, in the person of Eng. Cristiano Fiameni, technical director of the Committee, shared an interesting speech focused on gas emissions with the presentation “Gas emissions: the impact from the point of view of safety and the environment“.

A significant point during the CIG‘s speech was the important regulatory evolution we are witnessing (“more regulations have been deliberated in the last two years than in the last 20 years”) and most of them exactly reflect the spirit of the Smart Grid Days: a smart, efficient and dynamic gas network that is able to improve the level of security, energy efficiency and operational effectiveness.

The session continued with the presentation held by Engineer Andrea Giorgetti of the Project Smart Grid by Automa, the solution proposed by AUTOMA to create a really smart gas network and absolutely in line with the Italian and European regulatory guidelines.

The project Smart Grid by Automa is based on the GOLIAH® solution, which integrates in a single platform both the tangible part of the solution, the data loggers installed in the field and the devices for remote regulation, and the intangible part, consisting of the software used to give shape to a real data-driven approach to the system. In other words, corrective and predictive actions (regulation and prediction) based on actual measurements collected from the field (monitoring).

The day dedicated to the network remote control and monitoring saw a number of contributions from AUTOMA partners who were pleased to share their experiences in the field. In this regard, we would like to thank the experts from Cathodic Protection Co. (UK), who shared their experience in a project of remote monitoring of odorant and benzene in the gas distribution network of Wales and West Utilities (Wales), and Kromschroeder S.A. (Spain) who shared their experience on renewable fuel gases. Both long-standing partners of AUTOMA are now regular guests at this extraordinary event.

Discovering AUTOMA’s cathodic protection test field

In the afternoon, the guests were taken to AUTOMA‘s headquarters to get to know the brand new cathodic protection test field, built during the expansion and construction of the Smart Factory. “It has been an excellent opportunity for training as well as an excellent opportunity for comparison” proudly comments Eng. Ivano Magnifico, Director of the Product Managers Group of AUTOMA, “We couldn’t wait to host our partners and customers in our premises in order to finally give them the opportunity to appreciate in person the potential of our test field, where it is possible to carry out exercises, training and certification courses according to the ISO 15257:2017 standard“.

The workshop was conducted in collaboration with Ugo Marinelli, technical director and co-founder of FM Engineering, who, thanks to his many years of experience in the field of cathodic protection design, gave an important contribution in the realisation of the AUTOMA test field by taking care of its design.

The day ended with a delicious dinner prepared by Chef Davide Breccia, who served a Km 0 menu at AUTOMA‘s brand new conference room, the Komaros Conference Room, which was transformed for the occasion into a cosy restaurant for over 80 people.

Cathodic protection remote control and monitoring

The day of the 16th was entirely dedicated to the cathodic protection remote control and monitoring. The day was opened by Dr. Marco Cattalini and Eng. Roberto Ballerini, as consultants of APCE (Association for the Protection from Electrolytic Corrosions). On this occasion, important updates on the national regulatory framework were shared, especially regarding the new UNI 10950 standard on remote control to be published. Moreover, an application scheme for testing a cathodic protection system in accordance with UNI EN ISO 15589-1 was shared. The morning ended with the awaited and much appreciated speech of our engineer Ivano Magnifico, who presented an in-depth analysis of Off measurements, with the aim of underlining the importance of being fully aware of which components influence the measurement obtained of the Off potentials (both on the structure and on the coupon) according to the measurement technique used, in order to then be able to analyse the information obtained in the best possible way.

The afternoon was totally dedicated to the AUTOMA partners sharing their experiences from the field. The protagonists were Enagas (Spain), Exolum (Spain), Fluxys (Belgium), Pa-El (Croatia), STI (Algeria), SGN (United Kingdom) and Vandervelde (Netherlands). Their expertes opened interesting discussions on remote monitoring and control of cathodic protection.

Study Day by NACE – Milano Italian Section

The event ended on 17th September with the Study DayEffects of different coatings for underground pipes on Cathodic Protection and Mitigation of Electromagnetic Interferences systems” held by NACE – Milano Italia Section. During the meeting, moderated by the president Dr. Marco Cattalini, several technical speeches were given to illustrate the most recent research and applications on the effects of different coatings in underground pipes on cathodic protection systems. Specifically, we would like to thank the experts from the world of industry who represented important companies such as Saipem, FM Engineering, Sint Ingegneria, Tecnimont, and Enereco.

Introducing the project Let’s Green the Planet

Besides being an excellent opportunity of comparison and learning for the operators in the Oil&Gas field, the event Smart Grid Days 2021 has represented a wonderful opportunity to present the new green project of AUTOMA that has been illustrated by the Marketing Manager, Dr. Barbara Diaz. The project Let’s green the Planet comes from the awareness that the planet can be safeguarded only if eco-sustainable practices are adopted, which can represent important business models. AUTOMA has given life to its forest with the aim of contributing to a solution to some of the most serious problems of our planet: pollution, species extinction, climate change, deforestation and poverty.

Through the AUTOMA forest, the company will contribute to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions by absorbing 61 350 kg of CO₂ (equivalent to 320 truckloads of CO₂) over a 10-year period. This initiative also makes important contributions to the regeneration of wildlife, the support of entire farming communities and the raising of civil awareness. It may seem like a small action, but for AUTOMA it marks an important beginning: its first big step in contributing to a possible change that can hopefully be taken as an example.

Appointment for next year’s Smart Grid Days 2022

AUTOMA is satisfied with the success of the Smart Grid Days 2021 and the joviality in which it takes place every year with great participation. Every year the Smart Grid Days turn out to be an excellent moment of meeting and sharing where the protagonists are the operators who offer new ideas and new solutions in order to run into the future and seize new opportunities.

AUTOMA staff would like to thank all those who have participated in person and virtually to the three days dedicated to the monitoring and remote control of networks and cathodic protection and looks forward to seeing you next year!