A local assistance service provided globally

At AUTOMA  we have always believed that our real strength lies in the individual relationship between people. That is why we continue to place great importance on dialogue and service for all our customers and users of our products, both hardware and software.

Our in-depth knowledge and support team is at your disposal! Our experienced technicians are always at your side, ready to handle any service request, either in the field or remotely.

All benefits in one package:

  • Inspection by experienced AUTOMA technicians;
  • On-site or remote repairs;
  • Fast maintenance;
  • Shortest possible downtime;
  • Spare parts always available;
  • Installation of original spare parts;
  • Full repair report.


We can offer you all our assistance in the field

For field service, AUTOMA has a number of technicians and engineers who are available to visit customer installations, offering services tailored to the customer’s specific needs. Our technicians have in-depth mechanical, electrical and control skills and are available to support all maintenance activities, which are essential to ensure optimal product performance.



A technician will assist you remotely to solve any problem

AUTOMA offers a fast and effective remote support service, connecting directly to all computers and workstations with a secure and extremely efficient connection. The remote technical support service allows us to solve various problems without wasting valuable time and drastically reducing downtime.


Send an e-mail to our Customer Service department or speak directly to a technician describing the problem. To ensure an efficient processing of your request, please make sure you specify the timing, type and consequences of the problem and attach photos and/or log files if possible.


Our technicians speak Italian, English and Spanish.

Contact our Customer Care Service by e-mail;
we will reply as soon as possible.

Call our Customer Care Service
to speak directly with our technicians.


+39 02 9475 7500