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AUTOMA and the hydrogen challenge: Horizon Hydra project

AUTOMA and the hydrogen challenge: Horizon Hydra project
AUTOMA and the hydrogen challenge: Horizon Hydra ID 101137758 project

In July 2021, the European Climate Law entered into force, setting out the EU’s commitment to achieve climate neutrality by 2050, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 55 per cent by 2030 compared to 1990 levels. MEPs considered green hydrogen – a type of hydrogen produced from renewable resources – to be the only energy carrier capable of achieving this ambitious goal. Hydrogen is a viable alternative to traditional fuels because:

  • it does not emit greenhouse gases, indeed, when used in fuel cells it only produces electricity and water;
  • it can be extracted from various substances, including oil, gas, biofuels, sewage sludge and water;
  • for its storage and transport, it is possible to use existing infrastructure by converting it, or to implement new infrastructure, even locally;
  • it is the fuel with the highest energy density, therefore, it provides more energy than the others.

Given the above, we are delighted to inform you that AUTOMA has been selected as a partner in the HORIZON HYDRA ID 101137758 PROJECT, which will allow our company to explore this important topic and develop new technologies that will contribute to the implementation of an economic, energy and industrial system based on hydrogen.

What is the Hydra Project

Hydra is a project promoted by the European Union, which started on 1 November 2023, aimed at examining the climate, energy and socio-economic implications of the widespread adoption of hydrogen as a sustainable energy source. The project has a duration of four years and involves nine partners, including companies, universities and research institutes both in Italy and abroad, and counts on a contribution of €3,847,500.00 from the European Union.

Functions and objectives of the project

The partners involved will:

  • Analyse policies promoted by policy makers worldwide and estimate the amount of hydrogen-based technology that will be used in the future;
  • Analyse climate change projections and socio-economic and environmental impacts through market analysis, atmospheric modelling, and emission monitoring tools;
  • Assess the benefits and risks of the expanded use of hydrogen, preparing possible mitigation actions;
  • Develop sensors and remote control tools to prevent possible leakage, ensuring safety and reducing environmental impact;
  • Provide guidance to policy makers and new knowledge to the research community.

The role of AUTOMA

As part of this ambitious project, AUTOMA is developing sensors for hydrogen leakage detection, and will implement a remote control system – in which the sensors themselves will be included – in order to intensify monitoring, increase safety and prevent emissions.

We are excited to apply our expertise and resources to contribute to the success of this important project! Our determination to provide innovative solutions for safe hydrogen management is in line with our mission to promote energy efficiency and sustainability. We look forward to seeing the results of this project, which will have a positive impact on the environment and society as a whole.

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