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Green Pass control for access to workplaces

Green Pass control for access to workplaces
  • October 15, 2021
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Green Pass for access to workplaces

As is now known, starting from 15 October 2021, the Decree-Law no. 127/2021 will be in force for the control of employees regarding the possession of the Green Pass for access to workplaces. The obligation to display the Green Pass will be in force until 31 December 2021, excluding any extension of the emergency itself.

The measure concerns all those who carry out, in any capacity whatsoever, a work, training or voluntary activity, including on the basis of external contracts, and aims to protect health and safety in the public and private sector by extending the scope of COVID-19 Green Pass and strengthening the screening system. It is therefore mandatory for workers to have a valid Green Pass, and mandatory for employers to check it; these provisions shall not be derogated from by either party, which are subject to specific obligations and related sanctions.

Access to AUTOMA’s company premises

In consideration of this, and wishing to return as soon as possible together and with serenity in the workplace, AUTOMA, through its staff will provide throughout the period above indicated to verify DAILY through the app “Verify C-19” the validity of the Green Pass of anyone who accesses the premises of the company for various reasons such as work, training or volunteering. The check will be carried out continuously on 100% of the people involved, first of all at the time of entry, but also randomly after entry.

The measures that AUTOMA staff and external personnel working in the company’s premises are required to observe, have been defined on the basis of health assessments aimed at protecting the health and safety of all workers.

For this reason, persons who are not in possession of the Green Pass at the time of the check will not be able to access the workplace when the check takes place before entering, or he/she will be expelled from the workplace when the check takes place at a later stage.

In addition:

  • people must be taken outside the place of work and reported to the Prefecture;
  • administrative sanctions (from €600 to €1,500 with a doubling of the amount in case of repeated violations) imposed by the Prefect are applicable;
  • disciplinary sanctions are applicable for violating the prohibition to reach the workplace.

In the case of exempted persons, the controller permits access to the workplace to the person involved who, although not in possession of the Green Pass, is in possession of medical certification of exemption from the vaccination campaign for COVID-19 in accordance with the Ministry of Health’s indications for persons exempt from vaccination (Art. 1, paragraph 3 and Art. 3, paragraph 3 of Decree-Law no. 127/2021).

Below, we share the “PROVISIONS ON COVID-19 GREEN CERTIFICATION” for suppliers and customers detailing the points covered in this communication.

Provisions on COVID-19 Green Pass – Notice to Suppliers

Provisions on COVID-19 Green Pass – Notice to Customers


Organisational procedure for the control of the Green Pass for access to the workplace

We thank everyone for the collaboration,
The staff of AUTOMA