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Automa and Vandervelde Protection: new partnership

Automa and Vandervelde Protection: new partnership
Automa signs a partnership agreement with Vandervelde Protection BV

AUTOMA further enriches its offering by signing a partnership agreement with Vandervelde Protection BV, the leading company in the Dutch market.

Since 1937 Vandervelde Protection is the leading Dutch company in the field of cathodic protection, electrolytic water treatment and anti fouling.
After World War II, Vandervelde expanded its field of activity to include cathodic protection of buried or submerged metal structures. It was the first company in the Netherlands to focus exclusively on corrosion control through cathodic protection. Since then, the company has designed and installed cathodic protection systems not only in the Netherlands, but worldwide. Through these operations, it has prevented corrosion in thousands of projects: from small underground tanks and cisterns, to underground pipeline systems for transporting oil, water, gas, and wastewater, to port facilities and offshore construction.

AUTOMA started its internationalization path in 2009, widening its horizons beyond the Italian borders and introducing itself to the European market first, and then overseas, finally reaching the Middle East. This new partnership with Vandervelde Protection represents therefore a further opportunity of growth for AUTOMA, as well as a milestone in its path of internationalization. The identification of strategic partners is crucial in this sense and will allow the creation of countless collaborations and synergies between operators of the sector from all over the world. We are sure that Vandervelde Protection BV, with its many years of experience in the sector, will contribute more than positively to support this mission!