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We are EcoVadis silver medal!

We are EcoVadis silver medal!
  • September 1, 2023
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AUTOMA has received its first independent sustainability rating from EcoVadis

We are proud to inform you that AUTOMA has been awarded the silver medal by EcoVadis, one of the world’s largest and most trusted providers of corporate sustainability assessments. This is further recognition of our quality, sustainability management and corporate performance. With an overall score of 61 points, AUTOMA scored higher than evaluated companies operating in the same sector.

AUTOMA on the road to Net Zero

This is the first EcoVadis assessment for AUTOMA and undoubtedly represents an important milestone in our ongoing efforts to safeguard the environment and our continued progress in our labour and human rights, ethical and sustainable sourcing goals.

“As Automa’s Quality Manager, I am very proud of our EcoVadis silver classification,” says Angela Agostinelli, Process Control Director. “First of all, because I believe that we all play an important role in building a better future, and I think I can say that AUTOMA has always taken its corporate responsibility towards the environment and translated it into a 360° commitment to achieve the goal of a more sustainable world. But also, because I think it is important to show our customers that AUTOMA products are designed and manufactured with environmental and social challenges in mind. We are therefore delighted that our sustainability performance has been directly recognised by one of the leading sustainability rating providers.”

In fact, EcoVadis is one of the world’s most respected and important providers of corporate sustainability ratings. Through an annual assessment, a team of experts from this platform carefully analyses the performance of companies in several areas:

  • Environment
  • Labour and human rights
  • Ethics
  • Sustainable sourcing

The assessment methodology is based on international standards such as the Global Reporting Index (GRI), ISO 26000 and the UN Global Compact principles.

AUTOMA works to build an ever greener reality

EcoVadis underlines the environmental efforts AUTOMA has been making for many years now. In fact, numerous actions have been taken to reduce and compensate the environmental impact of AUTOMA products and working environments:

  • We have contributed to the planting of numerous forests in different areas of the planet in order to recover some of the CO₂ emitted;
  • We developed new solutions to power products while minimising energy consumption: ultra-low power technologies, optimised communication, integrated renewable sources;
  • We pay attention to the materials we use for the packaging of our products, using only eco-friendly materials with the total elimination of plastic;
  • Our staff is careful to reduce energy consumption and protect the environment, and pursues a programme of environmental and safety goals and targets.

Furthermore, in 2020 AUTOMA inaugurated its Smart Factory equipped with an air and dust treatment system, which is the first functional element indispensable for the controlled management of product testing, calibration and certification activities. It guarantees the maintenance of environmental conditions suitable for the certification of calibration operations, the management and quality level of which are strongly conditioned by the temperature and dust values as well as, in the case of the MID certification area, the humidity level.

The Building Automation system made by AUTOMA, installed in both buildings constituting AUTOMA‘s headquarters, guarantees the reduction of energy waste through constant control of energy consumption, dynamic regulation of lighting intensity and summer and winter air conditioning.

Our products are energy-efficient

Finally, all AUTOMA products are energy-efficient and conserve resources, from their production to their decommissioning. Our extensive range also includes solar-powered devices, an important source of energy since it that not only emits no CO₂, but is also free, infinite and easily accessible.

AUTOMA‘s product range also includes long-life battery-powered devices with energy-saving technology. This feature ensures a longer product life cycle, as well as less travel by vehicles and personnel for battery replacement, thus safeguarding the safety of people and the health of the environment.

A sustainable future is everyone’s responsibility: let’s start with us

However, this recognition does not represent an end point for AUTOMA. Indeed, over the coming years we will continue to strengthen our commitment to sustainability, encouraging all our employees to continue working together for a better future.

Barbara Diaz
Marketing Manager