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SMART GRID DAYS 2021, AUTOMA annual event is back

AUTOMA is pleased to present SGD2021SMART GRID DAYS 2021 – the event that promises to be a great moment of meeting and discussion focused on remote monitoring and control in the Gas, Oil & Water area.

SGD has become a regular yearly event in the worldwide sector operators’ agenda by now. The event is organised as a multiple voices and hands tale on news concerning the world of network and cathodic protection remote monitoring and control.

Together with the major institutions of the sector, we will talk about national and international regulations’ development and technologies 4.0: Data Analytics, IoT, Security and Smart Grids. All the topics will be presented during two remarkably rich and useful days, specifically designed by professional experts for professional experts. The goal is to find new incentives and solutions to run towards the future and seize new opportunities.

The event will be held on September 15th and 16th 2021 in the charming setting of the Hotel Monteconero located in Ancona. For those who will not be able to join us personally, it will also be possible to participate remotely.

September 15: network remote control and monitoring

More specifically, on the 15th, in the morning, the focus will be on network remote control and monitoring, with the participation of the CIG (Italian Gas Committee). It will be Cristiano Fiameni who will give an interesting speech centered on gas emissions, through the presentation entitled “Gas Emissions impact: the from a safety and environmental point of view”.

Moreover, several AUTOMA partners will be present to share their experiences from the field. Among them: Cathodic Protection Co. (United Kingdom) and Kromschroeder S.A. (Spain). They will tell us about their experiences with the measurement of odorant and benzene in the network and the hydrogen injection into the network.

In the afternoon, instead, we will be moving to our headquarters to visit our brand-new cathodic protection test field, of which you can have a preview here. The workshop will be led by our Engineer Ivano Magnifico, AUTOMA Product Manager Leader. Along with him will be Ugo Marinelli, Technical Manager and Partner Co-Founder of FM Engineering, a company working for 20 years on cathodic protection systems design activities. It will be a great opportunity to have a preview of the potentials of this continuing training tool made available by AUTOMA to all operators in the sector for training, updating, certification courses and drills.

September 16: cathodic protection remote control and monitoring

The 16th will be entirely dedicated to cathodic protection remote control and monitoring. Specifically, APCE (Association for the Electrolytic Corrosion Protection) will share updates on the national regulatory landscape. Whereas, AUTOMA and its partners will present their experiences from the field.

September 17: Study Day by NACE

Finally, on the 17th we will host the NACE – Milano Italia Section Study Day, during which the most recent researches and applications on the effects of the various coatings in underground pipelines on cathodic protection systems will be showed.

See the program here.


To take part in the event, you must register at this link.

For more information and support, you can contact AUTOMA offices at the following e-mail address: sales@byautoma.com