Matteo Pucci 

Research, Development & Engineering (RSI) Department Manager

Graduated cum laude in Telecommunications Engineering, Matteo has over 12 years of experience in electronic design, software development, project management and coordination of development departments. At AUTOMA, Matteo manages the Research, Development and Engineering Department, with the aim of designing innovative, reliable and simple solutions and products. He also holds the role of PAT ATEX, as Technical Manager in explosion risk zones.


Software Department

Emanuele Leoni

Aurelio Scarpone

Raul Alejandro Velazquez



Firmware Department

Sauro Abbondanzieri

Piergiorgio Monaldi

Massimo Manoni

Alessandro Dolci*



Engineering Department

Matteo Pucci 

Luca Belvederesi

Giordano Medici

Cinzia Fabbietti*

Christian Contini*

*External associate.